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Thank you for coming to my website, and welcome! This site is obviously in its infancy, as not only am I just getting it going, but Garcia’s Handmade Goods itself is going a huge reinvention.

Initially, GHG started out making face masks soon after the COVID-19 pandemic took hold; not out of a desire to cash in, but out of a desire to help, as masks became unavailable almost overnight, and local medical facilities like hospitals and clinics weren’t able to procure them. Answering a local call for donations, I took to a sewing machine and started producing some to donate. As my stock grew and some friends and family took notice, they’d ask me if I’d sell them some, and soon it became a way to fund the production for the masks I was donating.

Of course, eventually mass-produced (and cheaper) face masks started emerging, killing any need for homemade masks; I then tried my hand at producing other items, such as decorative cushions, drawstring bags, etc. Unfortunately, other things would eat up my time and that all went on the backburner.

Fastforward about 8 months to when I came up with the idea of making replicas of business cards from popular movies, like American Psycho and Fight Club! I’d always been interested in movie prop reproductions, but never had the resources to make things like vehicle models or cosplay helmets. Business cards, however, were not only easy to produce, I could set them up for free as all I needed was to digitally recreate the designs found in the movies. And thus Garcia’s Handmade Goods re-emerged, with newfound purpose!

Please feel free to browse around at my offerings, and if you have any ideas for a printed prop replica you’d like to see (a mugshot poster, security card, etc.), comment below!

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