Let’s kick things up a notch, shall we?

I’ve just packaged up 4 orders to ship out, 3 of which came in today alone! Honestly, one of the happiest things I get to do is putting my prop replicas into these padded mailers to ship off to you, knowing that these are something you wanted and searched for, and that I’m happy to provide.

So in light of all that’s been going on lately, I thought the time had come to elevate my presentation a little bit by creating a brand new logo for Garcia’s Handmade Goods! I liked the vintage-y woodcut style of the old “G” logo and used it to create a wholly original, illustrated logo that more accurately represents both the name (“Handmade”) as well as what I’m doing; that is, manually making the props myself! Sure, I may be using a machine to print them, but I run the machine, I take everything from concept to finish to packaging, with my own hands, something I’m quite proud of.

With a new logo in hand (pun not intended!), I’ll also be creating inserts that will be going into the plastic sealable bags I’ve started to put my cards into, completing a fully packaged product. This will also (hopefully) help me out in the next venture I’ll be embarking on, as I intend on visiting local comic book and pop culture shops (maybe even record stores) to see if any of them will want to carry my reproductions! I think they would go perfectly in any one of these kinds of stores.

And now that my logo is completed, I can return my focus on what matters most: making new props! As I mentioned in my previous update, I’ve got a Breaking Bad-based item in the works, and also another prop replica that uses prescription pill bottles coming up!

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