A preview of some of the props in the works!

I know this is still a relatively new venture, having only started a few months ago, but the reception so far has been pretty great (in my mind!) and I’m eager and excited to offer other printed props! I’ve got a few ideas already, the first of which is the most obvious: the rest of the business cards from American Psycho! Van Patten, Bryce, and of course, Luis 😀 The designs are ready, the hurdle is finding the correct paper stock for Van Patten and Bryce, as they’re very distinct paper and I’d like to get it as right as possible. The good news is, I will be printing Luis’s card in foil, making it as true to the movie as possible, short of actually letterpressing the cards! For now I’m thinking I’ll make these available only as a set, not individually, unless there’s demand for them.

The next project I’m hoping to do after this is one that will likely take a long time as it will require some manual illustrating: a Zoltar fortune teller card from the movie BIG. It’s also difficult to find good reference as online searches shows dozens of knock-off Zoltar cards, none of which are a copy of the original used in the movie (I guess because no one is willing to take the time to make a faithful recreation, just one that’s “good enough”). I have a couple screenshots that may work, I’m going to see if I can find a 4K stream of the movie as it may yield the highest quality source to draw from.

I have one more project on the burner, my first non-card based project which may be hilarious 🙂 but I’m leaving that one behind the curtain in case it doesn’t work out! Rest assured, I’ll be posting it here if successful!

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